Selling Regulations

Order Conditions

1. Placing an order by e-mail or fax and delivering the project in Corel 12 (vector version) including Pantone colours.

2. Within 24h you will receive a Confirmation of an Order and a visualization of a project to be accepted.

3. Caution!! Whenever you are placing an order in Rosnowski Gift Sp. z o.o for the first time you are obliged to send details about your company: KRS, NIP, REGON.

4. Resending accepted project with a signature.

5. Making 40% down payment for an order.

The approximate date of delivery will depend on the date of receiving an order, making a down payment and accepting a project. We will start with a production after all three points are done.

Delivery conditions

If there are no extra regulations, the order will be send to the client by courier company DHL, UPS oroki DPD on buyers cost. Each delivery is payed by a client and is send with the risk of the recipient.

In case the contract value is bigger than 10 000 pln., Rosnowski Gift Sp. z o.o. pays for transportation.

Mind it!! → The order is always send to headquarters of a company, unless order conditions are different.

Payment Conditions

To each order there is a down payment 40% of contract value. The other part of the contract can be payed in advance (at least one day before delivery term) or at couriers’.

In case of placing an invoice with postponed payment term, when the invoice is not payed within appropriate time, Rosnowski Gift Sp. z o.o. can refuse performance of the contract. What is more, Rosnowski Gift Sp. z o.o. In future cooperation may require 100% down payment with orders.


Pantone colors included in an imprint are made with +/- 5% accuracy. Colors can differentiate depending on the texture of an item. Please mind the fact, that Pantone colors have to be matched with daylight. Fake lightening make destroy a color.


In case the client had informed Rosnowski Gift Sp. z o.o. about damage in an order, which is inconsistent with specification, the client is allowed to require changing an order for a new one within 30 days. The letter of complaint has to be placed in writing within 7 days since the delivery.

Each letter of complaint will get a response within 14 days. Letter of complaint has to include description of damage and required compensation. Furthermore damaged articles have to be delivered back to Rosnowski Gift Sp. z o.o. The transportation of articles is always payed by customer. Whenever there is a posotive response to letter of complaints Rosnowski Gift Sp. z o.o sends new, appropriate articles to the customer on our cost.

In case of failure with delivery term, we do not recognize any penalty which is bigger than 0,1% per each day of delay, unless there are some extra regulations.

Rosnowski Gifts’ responsibility

Rosnowski Gift Sp. z o.o. do not take a responsibility for an order if articles are not delivered to the client on couriers fault. Furthermore Rosnowski Gift Sp. z o.o do not take responsibility for all delays caused by natural disasters, earth quakes, strikes and all other extraordinary events. Rosnowski Gift Sp. z o.o. Do not take responsibility for post services, courier services and other peoples actions.

Price changes

Rosnowski Gift Sp. z o.o. reserves the right to changes the prices if ever there are any amendment to the order.

Extra Information

Selling conditions above depict all price lists, individual price lists and all offer questions given since 1 April 2011.